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How Much is Stamp Duty? Use Our Stamp Duty Calculator to Find Out!

When buying a house, people can often forget to account for additional costs, like stamp duty, when securing funds. Before buying your home, use our free home stamp duty calculator to find out how much stamp duty you’ll need to pay and ensure no cost is forgotten.

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The experts at My Money Sorted have written extensively on home loans and mortgages, as well as their associated costs and conditions – such as stamp duty.

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    When it comes to securing a home loan, you will need to consider all the potential costs and fees that will need to come out of your borrowed amount. One such cost may be stamp duty (unless you have an exemption). Learn more about stamp duty – Read more!
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    If you’re buying a new home or vacant land, it’s important to know about the NSW government’s thresholds. You should also research whether you’re eligible to reduce a transfer duty exemption or reduction under the FHBAS. Read more!
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