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At My Money Sorted our goal is to make life easier for 5 million Aussies by helping them make better money decisions, achieve their biggest goals, and secure the things they care about most in life.

To achieve this we’re proving you with direct access to the best financial information, tools, products, and services that Australia has to offer.

We cover everything you’ll need to know to get your money sorted. From the best insurance options, to tips on how to save money wisely, to insights on how best to manage your investments for a secure future.

All on a platform that’s 100% free to use!

It’s time
for change

My Money Sorted CEO Dan Brown, a qualified financial planner with over 18 years of experience in financial services has assembled a team of finance experts to help you make the best money moves, no matter your stage of life.

Dan has seen first-hand that informed financial decisions can lead to extraordinary outcomes in life, and the benefits are far more than just financial. In fact 2020 Core Data research revealed the emotional benefits of receiving advice represent an incredible 45% of the total value. That’s right! The value of great advice is about much more than money.

Dan and his team are on a mission to provide more Aussies with the kind of peace of mind and emotional benefits that come when you know your money is sorted.

Meet the team

Daniel Brown

Mitch Ramsbotham

Tom Haigh

Achieve Your Biggest Money Goals

Why do the hard work trawling the web for answers and solutions when it’s already been done for you?

At My Money Sorted you get direct access to


Independent and unbiased general
financial information


High-value content and insights from the best in the industry, about the best in the industry


Specialist financial gurus who pack the experienced needed to provide great outcomes

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Finally, get to know where your money is

Tap into our free Money Sorted app and get an approximate picture of your financial world in under 5 minutes.

Get real time information on things like the estimated value of your home (via RP Data auto valuation), where your money is going each month, and what your approximate overall net worth looks like.

Set money goals for the future and get clear on what’s needed to get there. Try the Money Sorted app today.

Learn how others have got their money sorted and how you can too.

Learn how other Aussies made the kind of money moves that have delivered transformational results.

Hear what they did, why they did it and what life looks like today.

From a struggling muso who stumbled upon a successful online side hustle, to a 22 year old who defied the property curse to break into the housing market, to a firefighter who turned his beachside shack into a passive income phenomenon.

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